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Cake pricing is based on the number of servings you would like, and the amount of time spent on the cake design. Some designs are much less time consuming that others, therefore our prices are different for cakes that may be the same size but are completely different designs.

Buttercream cakes start at $4.00/serving, plus decorating time

  • However, semi naked/naked cakes which are still buttercream start at $3.50/serving as they don’t use as much buttercream as a fully iced cake

Fondant cakes start at $6.25/serving, plus decorating time

Here are 4 examples of cake pricing

  1. For the chest cake, it is to serve 30-35 fully fondant covered, this cake would cost $335 (it was a carved half slab)
  2.  For the 2 tier semi naked cake, it is to serve 25 and buttercream icing, this cake would cost $110 (it was an 8” and 5” and flowers were not included in the price)
  3. For the rosette cake, it is a 6” cake which serves 8-10 and the cost would be $40
  4. For the gumpaste/fondant figurines cake, it is also a 6” cake which serves 8-10 and has buttercream icing with fondant decorations around the side (name and number), but this cake is much more detailed and time consuming. This cake would cost $150

*as you can see both number 3 and number 4 are a 6” cake. One design takes us only a few minutes to accomplish where the other design can take many hours, even days to finish because of the detail on the figurines.  Despite the cakes being the same size, they are very different in design which reflects in the prices*

*these prices are guidelines and are subject to change without notice*


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